Pink Lemonade


Soft Pink Shimmer Nail Polish



Pink Lemonade captures the essence of a perfect summer day with its soft pink hue, sparkling with intense gold sparkle and holographic accents.

An alluring shade of pink radiates warmth and light, reminiscent of a refreshing glass of pink lemonade under the sun. With each movement, Pink Lemonade beams a luminous glow of gold, turning your nails into a shimmering statement of summer delight.

Pink Lemonade is part of the Cabana Collection, a set of 6 glimmering shades that effortlessly capture the nostalgia of a vintage summer. Reminiscent of vivid striped umbrellas, sun-soaked beaches, and retro poolside glamour, each shade brings a touch of timeless charm to your fingertips. Dive into Cabana and let the radiant hues and playful shimmers evoke the carefree spirit of a classic summer era!

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